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This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project, which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources.

Links to websites of scholarly societies in Agriculture are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of Agriculture sites is 103.0/104 = 99.0%. The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site.

See also: the General Biology & Environment and Food Science & Nutrition categories.

URL Stability Rank
Society Name
four stars Academia Nacional de Agronomía y Veterinaria = National Academy of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (Argentina) [In Spanish.] ANAV
four stars Académie d'Agriculture de la France = Academy of Agriculture of France [In French and English.] AAF
four stars Accademia dei Georgofili = Academy of Agriculturalists [In Italian. Concerned with agriculture, including agricultural economics.]  
one star Accademia di Agricoltura di Torino = Academy of Agriculture of Turin [In Italian and English.] AAT
four stars Accademia di Agricoltura, Scienze e Lettere di Verona = Academy of Agriculture, Science and Letters of Verona [In Italian.] AASLVR
four stars Accademia Nazionale di Agricoltura = National Academy of Agriculture [In Italian.] ANA
four stars نقابة المهندسين الزراعيين = Agricultural Engineering Association (Jordan) [In Arabic.]  
four stars Agricultural Institute of Canada AIC
four stars Agricultural Law Association ALA
four stars American Agricultural Economics Association AAEA
four stars American Agricultural Editors' Association AAEA
four stars American Crop Protection Association ACPA
four stars American Dairy Science Association ADSA
four stars American Phytopathological Society APS
four stars American Society for Enology and Viticulture [Devoted to the sciences of winemaking and grape growing.] ASEV
four stars American Society for Horticultural Science ASHS
four stars American Society of Agricultural Engineers ASAE
four stars American Society of Agronomy ASA
four stars American Society of Animal Science ASAS
four stars Asociación Argentina de Agrometeorología = Argentine Assocation of Agrometeorology [In Spanish.] AADA
four stars Asociación Española de Arboricultura = Spanish Association of Arboriculture [In Spanish.] AEA
four stars Asociación Rural del Uruguay = Rural Association of Uruguay [Concerned with agriculture. In Spanish and English.] ARU
four stars Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops [Industrial crops yield products of use in the chemical industry, as opposed to the food industry.] AAIC
four stars Association of Applied Insect Ecologists = Association of Applied IPM Ecologists [The Association is concerned with "effective pest control with a minimum impact to the environment, crop or people." IPM means "Integrated Pest Management".] AAIE
four stars Associazione Italiana di Agrometeorologia = Italian Agrometeorological Association [In Italian.] AIAM
four stars Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology AIAST
four stars Australian Institute of Horticulture AIH
four stars Australian Society for Horticultural Science AuSHS
four stars Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology [Devoted to the sciences of grape growing and winemaking.] ASVO
four stars British Agricultural History Society BAHS
four stars Canadian Society for Horticultural Science = Société Canadienne de Science Horticole [In English.] CSHS = SCSH
four stars Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering = Société Canadienne de Génie Rural [In English.] CSAE = SCGR
four stars Canadian Society of Agronomy = Société Canadienne d'Agronomie [In English.] CSA = SCA
four stars Canadian Society of Animal Science = Société Canadienne de Science Animale [In English.] CSAS = SCSA
four stars Česká Akademie Zemědělských Věd = Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences [In Czech and English.] CAZV
four stars Council for Agricultural Science and Technology CAST
four stars Crop Science Society of America CSSA
four stars Dansk Selskab for Informatik i Jordbruget = Danish Society for Informatics in Agriculture [In Danish.] DSIJ
four stars Deutsche Gartenbauwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft = German Society for Horticultural Science [In German.] DGG
four stars Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft = German Agricultural Society [In German and English.] DLG
four stars Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft = German Phytomedical Society [In German and English. "...the society for plant pathology, applied entomology and weed sciences in Germany."] DPG
four stars European Association of Agricultural Economists [In English.] EAAE
four stars European Society for Agronomy ESA
four stars European Weed Research Society = Europäische Gesellschaft für Herbologie = Société Européenne de Malherbologie [In English.] EWRS
four stars Federation of Animal Science Societies FASS
four stars Fédération Royale d'Associations Belges d'Ingénieurs Civils et d'Ingénieurs Agronomes = Royal Federation of Belgian Associations of Civil Engineers and Agricultural Engineers [Covers civil, agricultural, and chemical engineering, and also bio-industrial engineering. In French.] FABI
four stars Institute of Horticulture IoH
four stars International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists IAALD
four stars International Commission of Agricultural Engineering = Commission Internationale du Génie Rural ICAE = CIGR
four stars International Dairy Federation = Fédération internationale de laiterie = Federación Internacional de Lecheria = Internationaler Milchwirtschaftverband [In English.] IDF = FIL = FIL = IMV
four stars International Federation of Nematology Societies IFNS
four stars International Food and Agribusiness Management Association IAMA
four stars International Ozone Association ["...the leading technology of the 1990's for improving the environment." "Drinking water treatment; industrial and municipal wastewater treatments; odor control; air purification; agricultural, food processing, aquaculture, and marine uses are among those areas where ozone treatment has been shown to have exceptionally beneficial effects."] IOA
four stars International Society for Horticultural Science ISHS
four stars International Society of Photosynthesis Research ISPR
four stars Kongelige Danske Landhusholdningsselskab = Royal Danish Agricultural Society [In Danish.]  
four stars Koninklijke Landbouwkundige Vereniging = Royal Society for Agricultural Sciences (Netherlands) [In Dutch.] KLV
four stars Kungliga Skogs- och Lantbruksakademiens = Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry [In Swedish and English.] KSLA
four stars Leipziger Ökonomische Societät = Leipzig Economic Society [In German. The Society is concerned with economics and agriculture.]  
four stars National Academy of Agricultural Sciences [An academy in India. In English.] NAAS
four stars National Association of Agricultural Educators NAAE
four stars New Zealand Society of Animal Production NZSAP
four stars 農業土木学会 = Nōgyō-Doboku Gakkai = Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering [In Japanese.] JSIDRE
four stars Oekonomische und Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft des Kantons Bern = Economic and Public Welfare Society of the Canton of Bern [Concerned primarily with agriculture. In German.] OGG
four stars Organization of Nematologists of Tropical America [In English and Spanish.] ONTA
four stars Pan American Aerobiology Association [Aerobiology studies the impact that atmospheric particles of biological origin (such as pollen) have on human health and agriculture. These impacts include health problems like allergies and asthma.] PAAA
four stars Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture PSPA
four stars Poultry Science Association PSA
four stars Royal Agricultural Society of England RASE
four stars Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand RAS
four stars Royal Bath and West of England Society RBWES
four stars Royal Dublin Society [Concerned with promoting the development of agriculture, arts, science and industry in Ireland.] RDS
four stars Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland RHASS
four stars Royal Horticultural Society RHS
four stars Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland RHSI
four stars Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society RJA&H
four stars Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society RLAS
four stars Royal Ulster Agricultural Society RUAS
four stars Royal Welsh Agricultural Society RWAS
four stars Salt Institute SI
four stars Schweizerischer Verein für Vermessung und Kulturtechnik = Société Suisse des Mensurations et Améliorations Foncières = Swiss Society for Surveying and Agricultural Engineering [In German and French.] SVVK = SSMAF
four stars Sociedad Agronómica de Chile = Agronomical Society of Chile [In Spanish.] SACH
four stars Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura = Argentine Horticultural Society [In Spanish.] SAH
four stars Sociedad Española de Ciencias Hortícolas = Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences [In Spanish.] SECH
four stars Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura = National Society of Agriculture (Chile) [In Spanish.] SNA
four stars Sociedad Rural Argentina = Argentine Agricultural Society [In Spanish.] SRA
four stars Sociedade Brasileira de Agrometeorologia = Brazilian Society of Agrometeorology [In Portuguese.] SBA
four stars Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola = Brazilian Society of Agricultural Engineering [In Portuguese.] SBEA
four stars Sociedade Nacional de Agricultura = National Society of Agriculture (Brazil) [In Portuguese and English.] SNA
four stars Società Agraria di Lombardia = Agricultural Society of Lombardy [In Italian.]  
four stars Società Economica di Chiavari = Economic Society of Chiavari [In Italian. The Society is concerned with agriculture and economics.]  
four stars Società Orticola Italiana = Italian Horticultural Society [In Italian and English.] SOI
four stars Société des Arts de Genève = Society of Arts of Geneva [In French. The Society, whose headquarters is the Palais de l'Athénée in Geneva, is devoted not only to the fine arts, but to industry, commerce, and agriculture as well.] SAG
four stars Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France = National Horticultural Society of France [In French.] SNHF
four stars Society of Nematologists  
four stars สมาคมดินและปุ๋ยแห่งประเทศไทย = Soil and Fertilizer Society of Thailand [In Thai.] SFST
four stars Soil Association [A UK organization concerned with organic food and farming with an emphasis on environmental protection and human health.] SA
four stars South African Society for Enology & Viticulture = Suid Afrikaanse Wingerd & Wynkundevereniging [In English. Devoted to the sciences of winemaking and grape growing.] SASEV
four stars Swiss Society of Aerobiology [In English. Aerobiology is the science of airborne biological organisms (viable or non viable), of their origin, transport and deposition in relation to meteorological conditions and their impact on human beings, animals or plants.] SSA
four stars Türkiye Ziraat Odaları Birliği = Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture [In Turkish and English.] TZOB
four stars Western Society of Weed Science WSWS
four stars Yorkshire Agricultural Society YAS
four stars 中国农学会 = Zhōngguó Nóngxuéhuì = China Association of Agricultural Science Societies (CAASS) [In Chinese and English.] CAASS
four stars 中国农业科学院 = Zhōngguó Nóngyè Kēxué Yuàn = Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences [In Chinese and English.] CAAS

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