Last Updated: 2003 August 10

Scholarly Societies Project

Creating a Society Web Site:



The Editor of the Scholarly Societies Project has now examined and evaluated over 1000 web sites of scholarly societies. He has seen trends emerge, and has formed some opinions about what makes an effective web site for a scholarly society.

The Editor is occasionally asked by scholarly societies for advice on setting up a web site. He presents this set of recommendations for the benefit of scholarly societies who are interested in setting up a new web site, as well as those who are interested in improving the ones they already have.

Basic Recommendations

Technical Considerations

Perhaps the most vexing aspect of using the Web is that URLs for sites often change, so that any large collection of URLs, such as in the Scholarly Societies Project, inevitably comes to have a number of non-functioning links. The recommendations below are designed to help you minimize the amount of inconvenience and annoyance that you add to an already troubled situation.

Here are a couple of possibilities:

[Technical advice for this section was supplied by Lindsay Patten.]

Information to Include

The best web sites that we have seen for scholarly societies include the following kinds of information:

Arrangement of the Information

The vast majority of web sites of scholarly societies conform to the following principles: