Last Updated: 2002, August 12

Scholarly Societies Project

Meeting/Conference Announcement Lists
From the earliest days to the present, scholarly societies have played a strong role in organizing meetings and conferences to discuss scholarly research in their areas of interest.
Today the websites of most scholarly societies reflect this tradition by providing information about future conferences and meetings:
  • Most scholarly societies websites maintain lists that announce their own meetings and conferences.
  • Scholarly societies with sufficient staff resources often also maintain lists that announce other meetings and conferences in the broad area of interest to members of the society.
Locating the Lists
Step 1:

Locate the website of a society that interests you, by using either the

Step 2:

Go to the website of the society.

Step 3:

Locate the announcement list on that website by looking for headings like Events or Meetings or Conferences.

Prior to 2002, July 22, this page consisted of a collection of links to pages announcing meetings and conferences of interest to members of various scholarly societies.

With the passage of time, it became too costly to maintain this page in that form, because of the very high frequency with which the URLs changed (even when the top level URL for the society website remained constant). As an alternative, we have provided the above instructions for locating scholarly society pages announcing meetings and conferences in a particular subject area.

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