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Scholarly Societies Project


2009, December 27 Fifteen Years of the Scholarly Societies Project
2006, October 5 Using JSTOR as a Source of Journal-Title Abbreviations
2004, October 14 Digital Archives of Early Scholarly Journals
2004, February 6 The First Decade: Retrospect and Prospect
2003, May 9 A New Search Engine, A New Look: Phase 1
2001, December 20 Implementing the Unicode Standard for Encoding Character Sets
2001, March 12 Improved Worldwide Coverage in the Project
2000, March 27 The Role of the Scholarly Societies Project
1999, April 19 Quality Control of the Project: 1999 Report
1998, February 6 Database with Search Engine Now Available
1997, October 22 No Additional Websites Without Permanent URLs Will Be Added
1997, July 7 A Limit on Adding Websites Without Permanent URLs
1997, March 13 Moved URLs and the Maintenance of the Project


Published 2001, September 18
Jim Parrott, Editor
Scholarly Societies Project
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