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Scholarly Societies Project


This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project, which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources.

Links to websites of scholarly societies in Mathematics are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of Mathematics sites is 65.0/83 = 78.3%. The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site.

See also: the Statistics, Actuarial Science, and General Business, Economics and Mathematics categories.

URL Stability Rank
Society Name
four stars Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics AWSEM
four stars American Mathematical Society AMS
four stars American Risk and Insurance Association ARIA
four stars الجمعية الجزائرية لتاريخ الرياضيات = Association Algérienne d'Histoire des Mathématiques = Algerian Society for the History of Mathematics [In French.] ASHM
four stars Association des Professeurs de Mathématiques de l' Enseignement Public = Association of Professors of Mathematics in Public Education [In French.] APMEP
four stars Association for Logic Programming ALP
four stars Association for Symbolic Logic ASL
four stars Association for Women in Mathematics AWM
four stars الجمعية الرياضياتية الجزائرية = Association Mathématique Algérienne = Algerian Mathematical Society [In French.] AMA
one star Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation ASGRG
four stars Australian Institute of Risk Management ["The Institute fosters co-operation between disciplines and embraces diverse areas within business and operational risk management, including safety, health, security, fire engineering, quality control, insurance, finance and environmental hazards."] AIRM
four stars Australian Mathematical Society AustMS
four stars Bolyai János Matematikai Társulat = János Bolyai Mathematical Society [In Hungarian and English.] BJMT
four stars British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics BSRLM
four stars Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society = Société Canadienne de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles CAIMS = SCMAI
four stars Canadian Mathematical Society = Société mathématique du Canada CMS = SMC
four stars Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics = Société Canadienne d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Mathématiques [In English.] CSHPM = SCHPM
four stars Dansk Matematisk Forening = Danish Mathematical Society [In Danish and English.] DMF
one star
broken once broken once
Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung = German National Mathematical Society [In German, with some English.] DMV
four stars Deutscher Verein zur Förderung des Mathematischen und Naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts = German Association for the Advancement of Mathematics and Science Teaching [In German.] Förderverein MNU
four stars Društvo Matematikov, Fizikov in Astronomov Slovenije = Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy Society of Slovenia [In Slovenian.] DMFA
one star
broken once broken once broken once
Edinburgh Mathematical Society EMS
four stars جمعية الرياضيات المصرية = Egyptian Mathematical Society [In Arabic and English.] EtMS
four stars Ελληνική Μαθηματική Εταιρεία = Ellenike Mathematike Etaireia = Hellenic Mathematical Society [In Greek.] EME = HMS
four stars Euler Society [The Euler Society is devoted to the study of the life, times, and work of Leonhard Euler (1707 - 1783).]  
four stars European Mathematical Society EMS
four stars European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology [In English.] ESMTB
one star
broken once
Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik = Society for Mathematical Didactics [In German and English.] GDM
one star Hong Kong Mathematical Society HKMS
four stars Indian Society for History of Mathematics [In English.] ISHM
four stars Institute of Mathematics and its Applications IMA
four stars International Association for Cryptologic Research IACR
four stars International Association for Mathematical Geology IAMG
four stars International Association of Mathematical Physics IAMP
four stars International Berkeley Society [The Society is devoted to the study of the life and work of Bishop George Berkeley, who "...made important contributions in the fields of philosophy, mathematics, and economics."] IBS
four stars International Biometric Society ["An International Society Devoted to the Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Biology."] IBS
one star
broken once broken once
International Environmetrics Society [Also known as The International Environmetrics Society (TIES).] TIES
one star
broken once
International Linear Algebra Society ILAS
four stars International Mathematical Union = Union Mathématique Internationale IMU = UMI
one star
broken once broken once
International Quantum Structures Association ["...for the advancement and dissemination of quantum logics and structures based thereon in their mathematical, philosophical, physical and interdisciplinary aspects."] IQSA
four stars International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization ISSMO
four stars האגוד הישראלי למתמטיקה = Israel Mathematical Union [In Hebrew and English.] IMU
four stars الجمعية الاردنية للعلوم الرياضية = Jordanian Mathematical Society [In Arabic.] JMS
four stars 대한수학회 = Korean Mathematical Society [In Korean and English.] KMS
four stars Κυπριακή Μαθηματική Εταιρεία = Kupriakē Mathēmatikē Etaireia = Cyprus Mathematical Society [In Greek.] CMS
one star
broken once
Kurt Gödel Society KGS
four stars Lewis Carroll Society of North America LCSNA
four stars London Mathematical Society LMS
four stars Magyar Fuzzy Társaság = Hungarian Fuzzy Association [In Hungarian, with some English.] MFT
four stars Mathematical Association [Concerned with mathematics in education.] MA
four stars Mathematical Association of America MAA
one star
broken once
Mathematical Association of Victoria MAV
four stars Mathematical Programming Society MPS
one star Mathematische Gesellschaft in Hamburg = Mathematical Society in Hamburg [In German.] MGH
four stars National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTM
one star
broken once
New Zealand Mathematical Society NZMS
four stars 日本数理科学協会 = Nihon Sūri Kagaku Kyōkai = Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences [In Japanese and English.] JAMS
four stars Psychometric Society PS
four stars Real Sociedad Matemática Española = Royal Spanish Mathematical Society [In Spanish.] RSME
one star
broken once
Risk Theory Society ["The Society is a self-administered organization within the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) ...."] RTS
one star Санкт-Петербургское Математическое Общество = Sankt-Peterburgskoe Matematičeskoe Obŝestvo = St. Petersburg Mathematical Society [In Russian and English.] СПбМО = SPbMS
four stars Schweizerische Mathematische Gesellschaft = Société Mathématique Suisse = Swiss Mathematical Society (SMS) [In German, French and English.] SMG = SMS
four stars Sociedad Colombiana de Matemáticas = Colombian Society of Mathematics [In Spanish.] SCM
four stars Sociedad de Matemática de Chile = Mathematical Society of Chile [In Spanish.] Somachi
four stars Sociedad Matemática Mexicana = Mexican Mathematical Society [In Spanish.] SMM
four stars Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática = Brazilian Society of Mathematics [In Portuguese.] SBM
four stars Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional = Brazilian Society of Applied and Computational Mathematics [In Portuguese.] SBMAC
four stars Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática = Portuguese Society of Mathematics [In Portuguese and English.] SPM
four stars Società Italiana di Relatività Generale e Fisica della Gravitazione = Italian Society of General Relativity and Physics of Gravitation [In English] SIGRAV
four stars Société Belge des Professeurs de Mathématique d'expression française = Belgian Society of french speaking Mathematics Teachers [In French and English.] SBPMef
one star
broken once
Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles = Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics [In French.] SMAI
one star
broken once broken once
Société Mathématique de France = Mathematical Society of France [In French.] SMF
four stars Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences SCTPLS
four stars Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIAM
four stars Society for Mathematical Biology SMB
four stars Society for Risk Analysis SRA
four stars Svenska Matematikersamfundet = Swedish Mathematical Society [In Swedish.] SMS = SMS
four stars Türk Matematik Derneği = Turkish Mathematical Society [In Turkish.] TMD
four stars Unión Matemática Argentina = Argentine Mathematical Union [In Spanish.] UMA
one star
broken once
Unión Matemática de América Latina y el Caribe = Mathematical Union of Latin America and the Caribbean [In Spanish.] UMALCA
one star Unione Matematica Italiana = Italian Mathematical Union [In Italian.] UMI
four stars Wiskundig Genootschap = Dutch Mathematical Society [In Dutch.] WG
four stars 中国数学会 = Zhōngguó Shùxuéhuì = Chinese Mathematical Society [In English.] CMS

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