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Scholarly Societies Project


This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project, which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources.

Links to websites of scholarly societies in Linguistics are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of Linguistics sites is 32.0/35 = 91.4%. The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site.

See also: the Languages and General Arts and Humanities categories.

URL Stability Rank
Society Name
four stars Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres = Academy of Inscriptions and Humanities [In French and English. The Academy is devoted to historical, archaeological, and philological scholarship.] AIBL
four stars American Association for Applied Linguistics AAAL
four stars American Literary Translators Association ALTA
four stars American Philological Association APA
four stars American Translators Association ATA
one star
broken once broken once broken once
Applied Linguistics Association of New Zealand ALANZ
four stars Associação de Tradução em Língua Portuguesa = Association for Translation into the Portuguese Language [In Portuguese.] ATeLP
four stars Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de América Latina = Associação de Lingüística e Filologia da América Latina = Association of Linguistics and Philology of Latin America [In Spanish and Portuguese.] ALFAL
four stars Association for Computational Linguistics ACL
four stars Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing ALLC
four stars Association for Machine Translation in the Americas AMTA
four stars British Association for Applied Linguistics BAAL
one star
broken once broken once
Canadian Association for Translation Studies = Association Canadienne de Traductologie [In English and French.] CATS = ACT
four stars Cognitive Neuroscience Society CNS
four stars Cognitive Science Society CSS
four stars Cognitive Technology Society [Concerns the impact on human cognition of developments in information technology.] CTS
four stars Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft = German Society for Linguistics [In German.] DGfS
four stars Epigraphic Society [Concerned with the discovery and decipherment of ancient inscriptions.] ES
four stars European Association for Machine Translation [In English.] EAMT
four stars Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences FBPCS
four stars Gesellschaft für linguistische Datenverarbeitung = Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology [In German.] GLDV
four stars Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas HSS
four stars Institute of Linguists IoL
four stars International Quantitative Linguistics Association = Internationale Gesellschaft für Quantitative Linguistik = Международная Ассоциация Квантитативной Лингвистики = Meždunarodnaâ Associaciâ Kvantitativnoj Lingvistiki IQLA = IGQL = МАКЛ = MAKL
four stars International Society for General Semantics ISGS
four stars International Speech Communication Association ["...covering all the aspects of Speech Communication (Acoustics, Phonetics, Phonology, Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, etc.)."] ISCA
four stars Linguistic Society of America LSA
four stars Linguistics Association of Great Britain LAGB
four stars Permanent International Committee of Linguists = Comité International Permanent des Linguistes [In English.] PICL = CIPL
four stars Philological Society PS
four stars Société de Linguistique de Paris = Linguistic Society of Paris [In French.] SLP
four stars Society for Germanic Linguistics SGL
one star Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction SSSI
four stars Swiss Group for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science [In English.] SGAICO
four stars Unione Accademica Nazionale = National Academic Union (Italy) [In Italian. An Italian body collaborating with the Union Académique Internationale; its scope includes the philological, archaeological, historical, moral, political, and social sciences.] UAN

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