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Scholarly Societies Project


This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project, which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources.

Links to websites of scholarly societies in History are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of History sites is 131.0/155 = 84.5%. The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site.

See also: the Area Studies & Time-Period Studies category.

URL Stability Rank
Society Name
four stars Academia Nacional de la Historia de Venezuela = National Academy of History of Venezuela [In Spanish.] ANHV
four stars Academia Nacional de la Historia - República Argentina = National Academy of History, the Republic of Argentina [In Spanish.] ANH
four stars Academia Portuguesa da História = Portuguese Academy of History [In Portuguese.] APH
four stars Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres = Academy of Inscriptions and Humanities [In French and English. The Academy is devoted to historical, archaeological, and philological scholarship.] AIBL
four stars Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques = Academy of Ethics and Political Science [In French. The Academy is devoted to the social sciences. Their website mentions, in addition to the subjects appearing in its name, geography, sociology and psychology. As well, it evidently covers economics, history and law.] ASMP
four stars Académie Salésienne = Salesienne Academy [In French. The Academy deals with the history, arts, and religious history of the Savoy (Savoie) region of France, especially related to Saint François de Sales (1567-1622), bishop of Geneva.]  
four stars African Studies Association ASA
one star
broken once
American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain AARHMS
four stars American Antiquarian Society AAS
four stars American Association for History and Computing AAHC
four stars American Association for State and Local History AASLH
four stars American Association for the History of Medicine AAHM
four stars American Cultural Resources Association ["...a wide variety of fields, including historic preservation, history, archaeology, architectural history, historical architecture, and landscape architecture."] ACRA
four stars
American Historical Association AHA
one star
broken once
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works AIC
four stars American Jewish Historical Society AJHS
four stars American Numismatic Society ANS
one star
broken once
American Oriental Society AOS
four stars American Philological Association APA
four stars American Printing History Association APHA
four stars American Schools of Oriental Research ASOR
one star
broken once broken once broken once
American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies ASECS
four stars American Society for the History of Rhetoric ASHR
one star
broken once broken once
Anglo-Norman Text Society ANTS
four stars Antiquarische Gesellschaft in Zürich = Antiquarian Society in Zürich [In German.] AGZ
four stars الجمعية الجزائرية لتاريخ الرياضيات = Association Algérienne d'Histoire des Mathématiques = Algerian Society for the History of Mathematics [In French.] ASHM
four stars Association for Canadian Studies = Association d'études canadiennes [In English and French.] ACS = AÉC
four stars Association for Computers and the Humanities ACH
four stars Association for Gravestone Studies [promotes the study of gravestones from historical and artistic perspectives] AGS
four stars Association for Great Lakes Maritime History ["...focusing on the maritime history of the Great Lakes [North America]..."] AGLMH
one star
broken once
Association for History and Computing [concerned with the use of computers in all types of historical study] AHC
one star Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies AABS
one star
broken once broken once broken once
Association for the History of Language ["...formerly known as the Melbourne Association for the History of Language"] AHL
four stars Assyrian Academic Society ["...the fields of Assyriology, Near-eastern & Syriac studies...."] AAS
four stars جمعية تاريخ و آثار البحرين = Bahrain Historical and Archeological Society [In Arabic and English.] BHAS
four stars Barbados Museum and Historical Society [In English.] BMHS
four stars British Agricultural History Society BAHS
four stars British Society for the History of Science BSHS
one star
broken once broken once broken once
British Society of Sports History BSSH
one star Bulgarian Studies Association BSA
four stars Business History Conference [In spite of its name, the BHC is a society, not merely a conference in the usual sense of the word.] BHC
four stars California Historical Society CHS
four stars California Mission Studies Association [Scholarship and historic preservation of the 21 California missions, the presidios and pueblos.] CMSA
four stars Canada's National History Society CNHS
four stars Canadian Historical Association = Société Historique du Canada [In English and French.] CHA = SHC
four stars Canadian Numismatic Association = Association Canadienne de Numismatique [In English and French.] CNA = ACN
four stars Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics = Société Canadienne d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Mathématiques [In English.] CSHPM = SCHPM
one star
broken once
Cherokee National Historical Society CNHS
one star
broken once
Cliometric Society ["...the use of economic theory and statistical techniques to study economic history."] CS
four stars Computer History Association of California CHAC
one star Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines = International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies [In English and French. A site maintained for the CIPSH by UNESCO.] CIPSH = ICPHS
four stars Council for British Archaeology CBA
four stars Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin, Naturwissenschaft und Technik = German Society for the History of Medicine, Science and Technology [In German.] DGGMNT
four stars Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte und Theorie der Biologie = German Society for the History and Theory of Biology [In German.] DGGTB
four stars Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft = German Oriental Society [In German.] DMG
four stars Deutsche Numismatische Gesellschaft = German Numismatic Society [In German.] DNG
four stars Early American Industries Association EAIA
one star
broken once broken once
Economic History Association EHA
four stars Economic History Society EHS
four stars Egypt Exploration Society EES
four stars Euler Society [The Euler Society is devoted to the study of the life, times, and work of Leonhard Euler (1707 - 1783).]  
four stars European Association for Banking History EABH
four stars European Society for the History of Science [In English.] ESHS
four stars Gypsy Lore Society GLS
four stars Hawaiian Historical Society HHS
four stars Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas HSS
four stars Historic Brass Society HBS
four stars Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire HSLC
four stars Historical Harp Society HHS
four stars History of Economics Society HES
four stars History of Education Society (United Kingdom)  
four stars
History of Science Society HSS
four stars Indian Society for History of Mathematics [In English.] ISHM
four stars Indiana Historical Society IHS
four stars International Academy for the Promotion of Historical Studies IAPHS
four stars International Association for the History of Religions = Association Internationale pour l'Histoire des Religions [In English.] IAHR = AIHR
four stars International Association of Labour History Institutions IALHI
four stars International Committee for the History of Technology ["ICOHTEC was constituted as a Scientific Section within the Division of the History of Science of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS/DHS).... but it has always functioned as a fully autonomous body with its funding dependent on its membership."] ICOHTEC
four stars International Committee of Historical Sciences = Comité International des Sciences Historiques [In English and French.] ICHS = CISH
four stars International Council of Museums ICOM
four stars International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS
one star
broken once
International Marie de France Society ["to establish friendly and productive exchanges between those persons--faculty, independent scholars, or students--who are interested in Marie de France and the anonymous lays"] IMdFS
one star
broken once
International Social Science Council = Conseil International des Sciences Sociales = Consejo Internacional de Ciencias Sociales = Internationaler Rat für Sozialwissenschaften [In English. A site maintained for the ISSC by UNESCO.] ISSC = CISS
four stars International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies = Société internationale d'étude du dix-huitième siècle ISECS = SIÉDS
four stars International Society of Anglo-Saxonists ISAS
  International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science = Union Internationale d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences [Website not found as of 2003-10-03.] IUHPS = UIHPS
four stars Kansas State Historical Society KSHS
four stars Keninklik Frysk Genoatskip foar Skiednis en Kultuer = Koninklijk Fries Genootschap voor Geschiedenis en Cultuur = Frisian Society for History and Culture [In Frisian, Dutch and English.]  
four stars Kongelige Danske Selskab for Fædrelandets Historie = Royal Danish Society for National History [In Danish.]  
four stars Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap = Royal Dutch Historical Society [In Dutch.] KNHG
four stars Koninklijke Academie voor Oudheidkunde van België = Académie Royale d'Archéologie de Belgique = Royal Academy of Archaeology of Belgium [In Dutch, French, and English. Concerns scientific research in the fields of archaeology, history of art and related disciplines.]  
four stars Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis = Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands [In Dutch and English. The KVNM is the Netherlands' professional association for musicology and publishes scholarly works on the history of Dutch music.] KVNM
four stars Kungliga Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien = Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities [In Swedish and English.] KVHAA
one star
broken once
Latin American Studies Association LASA
four stars Law and Society Association ["Members bring training in law, sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology, economics, and history as well as in other related areas."] LSA
four stars Lewis Carroll Society of North America LCSNA
four stars Lollard Society [The Society is concerned with the impact of the Lollard heresy on late medieval culture.]  
four stars London and Middlesex Archaeological Society ["Archaeology - Local History - Historic Buildings"] LAMAS
four stars Massachusetts Historical Society MHS
four stars Medieval Academy of America MAA
four stars Mennonite Historical Society of Canada MHSC
one star
broken once
Middle East Studies Association of North America MESA
four stars Mormon History Association MHA
four stars National Council for the Social Studies NCSS
four stars New-York Historical Society NYHS
four stars Newcomen Society ["For the study of The History of Engineering and Technology..."]  
four stars Ohio Historical Society [" promote a knowledge of archaeology and history, especially in Ohio."] OHS
four stars Organization of American Historians OAH
four stars Oriental Numismatic Society ONS
four stars Real Academia de la Historia = Royal Academy of History [In Spanish.] RAH
four stars Richard III Society ["...the life and times of King Richard III of England (1452-1485)."]  
four stars Royal Australian Historical Society RAHS
four stars Royal Historical Society RHS
four stars Royal Institution of Cornwall [There is a link to information on the Royal Institution of Cornwall from this top-level page of the Royal Cornwall Museum , which is administered by the Royal Institution of Cornwall.] RIC
four stars Royal Numismatic Society RNS
four stars San Diego Historical Society SDHS
four stars Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Geschichte = Société Suisse d'Histoire = Società Svizzera di Storia = Societad Svizra d'Istorgia = Swiss Historical Society [In German and French.] SGG = SSH = SSI
four stars Scientific Instrument Society ["The Scientific Instrument Society (SIS) was formed in April 1983 to bring together people with a specialist interest in scientific instruments, ranging from precious antiques to electronic devices only recently out of production."] SIS
one star Social Science Computing Association SSCA
four stars Sociedad Mexicana de Historia de la Ciencia y de la Tecnología = Mexican Society for the History of Science and Technology [In Spanish.] SMHCT
four stars Società Italiana degli Storici dell'Economia = Society of Italian Economic Historians [In Italian and English.] SISE
four stars Società Italiana delle Storiche = Italian Society of Women Historians [In Italian.] SIS
four stars Società Numismatica Italiana = Italian Numismatic Society [In Italian and English.] SNI
four stars Société Archéologique et Historique du Limousin = Archaeological and Historical Society of Limousin [In French.] SAHL
four stars Société d'Histoire de la Suisse Romande = Historical Society of French-speaking Switzerland [In French.] SHSR
four stars Société d'Histoire et d'Archéologie de Bretagne = Society of History and Archeology of Brittany [In French.] SHAB
four stars Société d'Histoire et d'Archéologie de Senlis = History and Archeology Society of Senlis [In French and English.]  
four stars Société de l'Histoire de France = Society for the History of France [In French.] SHF
four stars Société des Antiquaires de l'Ouest = Society of Antiquaries of the West [In French.] SAO
four stars Société des Antiquaires de Normandie = Society of Antiquaries of Normandy [In French.] SAN
four stars Société Française de Numismatique = French Society for Numismatics [In French.] SFN
four stars Society for Historical Archaeology SHA
four stars Society for History in the Federal Government SHFG
four stars Society for Seventeenth-Century Music SSCM
one star
broken once broken once
Society for Slovene Studies ["...Slovene literature, linguistics, history, ethnography ..."] SSS
four stars Society for the History of Astronomy SHA
four stars Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing SHARP
four stars Society for the History of Discoveries ["the discovery, exploration, and mapping of the earth's land and sea surface from earliest times to the present - the explorers and the explored."] SHD
four stars Society for the History of Technology SHOT
four stars Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities SSEA
one star
broken once broken once
Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East SSCLE
four stars Society of Antiquaries of London SAL
four stars Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne SANT
four stars Society of Antiquaries of Scotland SAS
four stars Society of Architectural Historians SAH
four stars Society of Dance History Scholars SDHS
one star Texas Medieval Association TEMA
four stars Theatre Historical Society of America [Concerned with the architectural, cultural and social history of American theatres.] THSA
four stars Türk Tarih Kurumu = Turkish Historical Society [In Turkish and English.] TTK
four stars Unione Accademica Nazionale = National Academic Union (Italy) [In Italian. An Italian body collaborating with the Union Académique Internationale; its scope includes the philological, archaeological, historical, moral, political, and social sciences.] UAN
one star Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands = Union of German Historians [In German.] VHD
four stars Virginia Historical Society VHS
four stars Western Society for French History [The "Western" designation refers to the fact that the members and meeting venues are mainly found in the Western areas of the United States of America and Canada.] WSFH
four stars Women's History Network [A membership-based organization in Britain devoted to women's history.] WHN
four stars World History Association WHA

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