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Naples, Italy
(Napoli, Italia)

Historical Notes
A city in southern Italy.
Governing Regimes in the 19th and 20th Centuries
The information below on governing regimes in Napoli is drawn largely from the article on the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera and La Storia di Napoli.
1759 - 1799 Ferdinando IV (Bourbon), King of Naples
1799, January 23 - 1799, June 19 Repubblica Napoletana
1799, June 19 - 1806, March 30 Ferdinando IV (Bourbon), King of Naples
In 1805 the French occupied Naples, and Ferdinando left for Palermo; but not until 1806, March 30 did Giuseppe Napoleone Bonaparte, older brother of Napoleon, become King of the Two Sicilies (Naples and Sicily).
1806, March 30 - 1808, July 15 Giuseppe Napoleone Bonaparte, King of the Two Sicilies
On 1808, July 15, Giuseppe Napoleone Bonaparte was succeeded by Gioacchino Napoleone Murat, the husband of Carolina Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon.
1808, July 15 - 1815, May 20 Gioacchino Napoleone Murat, King of the Two Sicilies
On 1815, May 20, Gioacchino Murat abandoned Naples; and on 1815, May 23, Leopoldo di Borbone, son of Ferdinando IV returned to Naples from Sicily; on 1815, June 17 Ferdinando IV also returned.
1815, June 17 - 1825, January 2 Ferdinando IV (Bourbon), King of Naples
On 1816, December 8, Ferdinando united the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily as the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. For Naples he retained the title Ferdinando IV, but for Sicily he took the title Ferdinando III; but he was Ferdinando I, King of the Two Sicilies.
1825, January 4 - 1830, November 8 Francesco I (Bourbon), King of the Two Sicilies
1830, November - 1859, May 22 Ferdinando II (Bourbon), King of the Two Sicilies
1859, May 22 - 1861, September 6 Francesco II (Bourbon), King of the Two Sicilies La Storia di Napoli gives the date of deposition of Francesco II as 1861, September 8; Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera gives the date as 1860.
1866 - 1946 Monarchy of a united Italy
1946 - Republic


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