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Indiana Historical Society


Founding of the Society

Year Authority / Notes

This date is supported by its website.

Seat of the Society

City Authority / Notes
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States of America

This location is supported by its website..

Name of the Society

Dates Name Authority
1897 - Indiana Historical Society

Its publications establish this name from 1897.

Website of the Society

Indiana Historical Society Website =

Journals of the Society

Years Full Journal Title Abbrev.
1897 - 1984 (v.1 - 27, no.1)


Indiana Historical Society Publications

Vol.1, the title-page of which is dated 1897, includes the Society's proceedings and all papers and publications from its organization in 1830 to 1886.

Each succeeding volume is made up from papers originally issued separately.

Vol.6, no.4 contains minutes of the society, 1886-1918.

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