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Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Leipzig


Founding of the Society

Year Authority / Notes

According to ADB, Bd. 17, pp.402, the Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Leipzig was founded in 1818, October by Gustav Kunze (1793–1851), Ludwig Reichenbach, and four others.

We have found no trace of its existence past 1941.

Seat of the Society

City Authority / Notes

This location is supported by the name of the Society.

Name of the Society

Dates Name Authority
1822 - 1941 Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Leipzig

Its publications.

Its publications.

1822 Societas Naturae Scrutatorum Lipsiensis

Its publications.

Journals of the Society

Years Full Journal Title Abbrev.
1822 (1.)


Schriften der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Leipzig

This title was also made available in a Latin edition as A1.

Indexed RSLC
Leipzig, Schr. Nat. Gesell.
RSLC, v.1, p.xlv
1822[?] (1.)


Acta Societatis Naturae Scrutatorum Lipsiensis

This title was also made available in a German edition as A.

1874 - 1938/1940 [1875 - 1941] (1. - 65/67.)


Sitzungsberichte der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Leipzig
Indexed RSLC
Ber. d. Naturforsch. Gesellschaft z. Leipzig
Phil. Trans., B Vol. 197 (1905), p.236 cites an article by Johannes Felix in 1885; the corresponding entry in RSLC, v.14, p.955 gives the journal-title abbrev. as Leipzig Natf. Ges. Sber.
Ber. Naturf. Ges. Leipzig
Phil. Trans., B Vol. 351, No. 1348 (Dec. 29, 1996), p.1781 cites 1892/93.
Leipzig Natf. Ges. Sber.
RSLC, v.13, p.liii
Leipzig, Naturf. Gesell. Sitzber.
RSLC, v.9, p.xx
S.B. naturf. Ges. Lpz.
Phil. Trans., B Vol. 241, No. 677 (Oct. 3, 1957), p.89 cites 41, 1914.
Sitzungsb. Nat. Ges. Leipzig
Proc. Roy. Soc., Vol. 72 (1903 - 1904), p.486 cites 26/27 Jarhg.
Sitzungsb. naturf. ges. Leipzig
Science, Vol. 1, No. 18 (Jun. 8, 1883), p.525 cites 1875.
Sitzungsber. d. Naturf. Ges. zu Leipzig
Isis, Vol. 5, No. 1 (1923), p.248 cites 40. Jahrg., 1913.


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