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Aargauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft


Founding of the Society

Year Authority / Notes

This date is supported by its website.

Seat of the Society

City Authority / Notes
Aarau (in Aargau canton)

This location is supported by its website.

Name of the Society

Dates Name Authority
1811 - Aargauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft

Its website gives the founding year and does not indicate that the name ever changed; its publications establish this name from 1878 to the present.

Website of the Society

Aargauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft = Aargau Natural Science Society Website =

Journals of the Society

Years Full Journal Title Abbrev.
1878 - 1991 (1. - 33.)


Mitteilungen der Aargauischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft

Continued by B.

Indexed RSLC
[GBV German Union cat.]
Aarau, Mitth.
RSLC, v.13, p.ix.
Aarau, Mittheil.
RSLC, v.9, p.vii.
Mitt. Aarg. Naturf. Ges.
Willdenowia, Beiheft, No. 11, (1977), p.193 cites 20, 1937.
Mitt. Aargau. Naturf. Ges.
Am. Midland Naturalist, Vol. 33, No. 1 (Jan., 1945), p.10 cites 11, 1909.
Mitth. Aargauischen Naturf. Ges.
Bryologist, Vol. 75, No. 2 (Summer, 1972), p.194 cites 28, 1971.
1994 (34);
1999 - (35. -)


Natur im Aargau : Mitteilungen / Aargauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft

Continues A.

[GBV German Union cat.]


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