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Entomological Society of London (1806-1824)


Founding of the Society

Year Authority / Notes

According to Neave (1933), pp.1-2, the Entomological Society of London was formed in 1806 as the successor to a series of brief-lived entomological societies based in London dating back to 1745.

Neave (1933), p.1 indicates that the first entomological society in the world was evidently the Aurelian Society of London, which was already in existence in 1745. This society fell into dormancy after a fire in 1748 destroyed the Library and records of the Society Neave (1933), pp.1-2).

According to Neave (1933), p.2, this was followed by (a) the founding in 1762 of a second Aurelian Society, which evidently survived only a few years, (b) the founding in 1780 of the Society of Entomologists of London, which survived until 1782, August, and (c) the founding in 1801 of a third Aurelian Society, which survived until 1806, April, when it was dissolved and a new Society was formed from the membership, entitled the Entomological Society (later called the Entomological Society of London) that we are considering here.

Neave (1933), pp.2-3 indicates that the date of cessation of this Society is problematic. After 1812, when the last of the three parts of its [one-volume] Transactions had appeared, the Society went into decline, and met only occasionally until 1822. At that point several of the members of the Society set up another Society, the Entomological Society of Great Britain, but did not dissolve the Entomological Society of London, merely adjourning it for a year.

Neave (1933), p.5 notes that in 1824, most of the members of the two latter societies joined with various members of the Linnean Society of London to found the Zoological Club of the Linnean Society of London, which later became the Zoological Society of London .

Neave (1933), p.5 indicates that in 1826 another entomological society was formed, the Entomological Club. This Club began as a scientific society, and published the Entomological Magazine (from 1832, September to 1838, October), but later evolved into a dining club, which was evidently still in existence at the time Neave wrote (1933).

Neave (1933), p.6 refers to the founding in 1833, May of the second Entomological Society of London (which exists to this day under the name of the Royal Entomological Society ).

Seat of the Society

City Authority / Notes

This location is supported by the name of the Society.

Name of the Society

Dates Name Authority
1806 - 1824, April Entomological Society of London

Neave (1933), p.2 establishes the name and founding year.

Neave (1933), p.5 gives the cessation year.

Journals of the Society

Years Full Journal Title Abbrev.
1807/1812 (Vol.1)


Transactions of the Entomological Society of London

The note in the Nat. Lib. Scotland cat. record indicates that this journal was continued by Transactions of the Entomological Society of London (1834), namely the journal published by the Society of the same name, the Entomological Society of London which was founded in 1833.

[Nat. Lib. Scotland cat.]


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