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Scholarly Societies Project

General Business, Economics & Mathematics

This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project, which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources.

Links to websites of scholarly societies in General Business, Economics & Mathematics are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of General Business, Economics & Mathematics sites is 39.0/43 = 90.7%. The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site.

URL Stability Rank
Society Name
four stars AACSB International - The Association To Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB
four stars Academy of Legal Studies in Business ALSB
four stars American Risk and Insurance Association ARIA
four stars American Society for Quality ASQ
four stars American Society for Training and Development ["...the field of workplace learning and performance..."] ASTD
four stars Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade = Portuguese Association for Quality [In Portuguese.] APQ
four stars
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management APPAM
four stars Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International AACEI
four stars Associazione Italiana per la Qualità = Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità = Italian Association for Quality [In Italian.] AICQ
four stars Australian Institute of Risk Management ["The Institute fosters co-operation between disciplines and embraces diverse areas within business and operational risk management, including safety, health, security, fire engineering, quality control, insurance, finance and environmental hazards."] AIRM
four stars Brunswik Society ["The Brunswik Society is an informal association of researchers who are interested in understanding and improving human judgment and decision making. Members of the Society share an appreciation of the work of the psychologist Egon Brunswik,..."]  
four stars Business History Conference [In spite of its name, the BHC is a society, not merely a conference in the usual sense of the word.] BHC
four stars Česká Společnost pro Jakost = Czech Society for Quality [In Czech and English.] CSJ = CSQ
four stars Cost Engineering Association of South Africa CEASA
four stars Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität = German Society for Quality [In German.] DGQ
four stars Eesti Kvaliteediühing = Estonian Association for Quality [In Estonian.] EAQ
four stars European Organization for Quality [In English.] EOQ
four stars Institute of Quality Assurance IQA
four stars International Academy of Business Disciplines IABD
four stars International Association for Business and Society IABS
four stars International Association of Business Communicators IABC
four stars International Cost Engineering Council ["...promoting cooperation between national and multinational cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management organizations worldwide..."] ICEC
one star
broken once
International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts IFNA
four stars International Food and Agribusiness Management Association IAMA
four stars International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations ISPSO
one star
broken once broken once
International Society of Dynamic Games ISDG
four stars 한국과학기술단체총연합회 = Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies [In Korean and English.] KOFST
four stars Latvijas Kvalitātes Asociācija = Latvian Quality Association [In Latvian.] LKA
four stars Mouvement Français pour la Qualité = French Movement for Quality [In French.] MFQ
four stars National Coalition of Independent Scholars NCIS
four stars Norsk Forening for Kvalitet og Lederskap = Norwegian Association of Quality and Leadership [In Norwegian.] NFKL
four stars Public Relations Society of America PRSA
four stars Quality Society of Australasia QSA
one star
broken once
Risk Theory Society ["The Society is a self-administered organization within the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) ...."] RTS
four stars Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce [The Society is concerned with issues in business, design, the environment, education and the arts (including architecture).] RSA
four stars Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Qualitätsförderung = Association Suisse pour la Promotion de la Qualité = Swiss Association for the Promotion of Quality [In German, with some French and Italian.] SAQ = ASPQ
four stars Société des Arts de Genève = Society of Arts of Geneva [In French. The Society, whose headquarters is the Palais de l'Athénée in Geneva, is devoted not only to the fine arts, but to industry, commerce, and agriculture as well.] SAG
four stars Society for Consumer Psychology [Division 23 of the American Psychological Association (APA).] SCP
four stars Society for Judgment and Decision Making SJDM
four stars Society for Technical Communication STC
one star
broken once
Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior = Society for Quantitative Analyses of Behavior SQAB
four stars Svenska Förbundet för Kvalitet = Swedish Association for Quality [In Swedish, with some English.] SFK
four stars Uniform Code Council ["...establishing and promoting multi-industry standards for product identification and related electronic communications."] UCC

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