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Food Science & Nutrition

This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project, which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources.

Links to websites of scholarly societies in Food Science & Nutrition are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of Food Science & Nutrition sites is 38.0/38 = 100.0%. The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site.

See also: the General Health & Medicine and Agriculture categories.

URL Stability Rank
Society Name
four stars Academy for Eating Disorders AED
four stars Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute ARI
four stars American Association of Cereal Chemists AACC
four stars American Dairy Science Association ADSA
four stars American Dietetic Association ADA
four stars American Society for Clinical Nutrition ASCN
four stars American Society for Enology and Viticulture [Devoted to the sciences of winemaking and grape growing.] ASEV
four stars American Society for Nutritional Sciences ASNS
four stars American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers ASHRAE
four stars Asociación Argentina de Tecnólogos Alimentarios = Argentine Association of Food Technology [In Spanish.] AATA
four stars Association Française du Froid = French Association of Refrigeration [In French.] AFF
four stars Association of Applied Biologists AAB
four stars Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology [Devoted to the sciences of grape growing and winemaking.] ASVO
four stars Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology = Institut Canadien de Science et Technologie Alimentaires [In English and French.] CIFST = ICSTA
four stars Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences = Société Canadienne des Sciences de la Nutrition [In English.] CSNS = SCSN
four stars European Federation of Food Science and Technology EFFoST
four stars Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada HRAI
four stars Institute of Food Science & Technology IFST
four stars Institute of Food Technologists IFT
four stars Institute of Refrigeration IoR
four stars International Dairy Federation = Fédération internationale de laiterie = Federación Internacional de Lecheria = Internationaler Milchwirtschaftverband [In English.] IDF = FIL = FIL = IMV
four stars International Food and Agribusiness Management Association IAMA
four stars International Institute of Refrigeration = Institut International du Froid [In English and French.] IIR = IIF
four stars International Life Sciences Institute ["to advance the understanding of scientific issues relating to nutrition, food safety, toxicology, and the environment."] ILSI
four stars International Ozone Association ["...the leading technology of the 1990's for improving the environment." "Drinking water treatment; industrial and municipal wastewater treatments; odor control; air purification; agricultural, food processing, aquaculture, and marine uses are among those areas where ozone treatment has been shown to have exceptionally beneficial effects."] IOA
four stars International Union of Food Science and Technology IUFoST
four stars International Union of Nutritional Sciences = Union Internationale des Sciences de la Nutrition IUNS = UISN
four stars 한국영양학회 = Korean Nutrition Society [In Korean.] KNS
four stars Polskie Towarzystwo Inżynierii i Techniki Przetwórstwa Spożywczego "SPOMASZ" = Polish Society of Food Engineering and Technology "SPOMASZ" [In Polish and English.] SPOMASZ
four stars Salt Institute SI
four stars 대한설비공학회 = Society of Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea [In Korean.] SAREK
four stars Soil Association [A UK organization concerned with organic food and farming with an emphasis on environmental protection and human health.] SA
four stars South African Association for Food Science and Technology = Suid-Afrikaanse Vereniging vir Voedselwetenskap en -Tegnologie [In English, with some Afrikaans.] SAAFoST = SAVVoT
four stars South African Society for Enology & Viticulture = Suid Afrikaanse Wingerd & Wynkundevereniging [In English. Devoted to the sciences of winemaking and grape growing.] SASEV
four stars Türk Tesisat Mühendisleri Derneği = Turkish Society of Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Sanitary Engineers [In Turkish.] TTMD
four stars 中国营养学会 = Zhōngguó Yíngyǎng Xuéhuì = Chinese Nutrition Society [In Chinese.] CNS
four stars 中国制冷学会 = Zhōngguó Zhìlěng Xuéhuì = Chinese Association of Refrigeration [In Chinese and English.] CAR
four stars 中国食品科学技术学会 = Zhōngguó Shípǐn Kēxué Jìshù Xuéhuì = Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology [In Chinese and English.] CIFST

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